Magnus Autos Limited is a full service auto business that provides end-to-end automobile solutions for individual and corporate clients.

Our Vision

is to become the most trusted auto dealership with the best range of quality vehicle choices for the market.


Our Values

are consistency, honesty and a commitment to quality at all times.



We provide sales and repairs of automobiles, and specialize in auto leasing and fleet management services.



  • Automobile Sales and Repairs

  • Auto Leasing and Fleet Management Services






We offer an impressive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles priced at some of the most competitive rates in the Nigerian auto sales market.

Through our alliances with dealerships and a network of experienced buyers in North America and Europe, we are able to source a wide variety of automobiles, including hyper-luxury vehicles, exotic cars, sports cars, work vehicles, trucks, buses, boats, trailers, and more that fit our clients’ needs and tastes. We can pre-order vehicles and import them from any part of the world. If we don't have it, we can get it. Using our 120 point inspection process, we thoroughly inspect our vehicles to ensure originality and proper servicing to date.

At Magnus Autos Limited, we offer a complete service centre with state of the art equipment to handle the recommended scheduled maintenance for every type of vehicle. Vehicle repair, servicing and maintenance is only performed by expert mechanics and certified auto technicians. Our full range of auto repair, servicing and maintenance services include:

  • Full-service diagnostics
  • Major repairs (including vehicle rehabilitation, comprehensive body work, engine and transmission repair and replacement)
  • General repair and routine maintenance
  • Accessories, spare parts sales and replacements
  • Original tyre sales
  • 24-hour towing service and emergency repairs


At Magnus Autos Limited, our auto leasing solutions offer the best rates and most convenient payment options through uniquely designed leasing plans that meet a wide range of financial and operational needs.

Our leasing plans cover both short and long term contracts. These include:

  • Finance leases,
  • Operating leases,
  • Novated leases,
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Short term lease/car rentals
  • Public sector leasing, and
  • Insurance asset stop-gap



Magnus Autos Limited also provides comprehensive fleet services, customized fleet financing options, consulting expertise and technology innovation to support our customers' fleet needs across many asset classes and vehicle types.

Our fleet management services cover:

  • Fleet acquisition and financing
  • Licensing and Regulatory compliance
  • Fleet telematics and Accident management
  • Fuel Supply services
  • Managed Maintenance
  • Usage and Expense tracking
  • Fleet outsourcing solutions and Rental services